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Personal Approach - Do What Works For You 


Everyone is different. When it comes to health and sports there is no one size fits all. 


That's why njoyergy takes a complete personal approach to help you feel great and achieve your goals. We take your goals & preferences and measure your current condition to determine your optimised personal plan.


Your personal plan integrates 5 key success factors for sustainable results:

Mind, Breathing, Nutrition, Training & Sleep 

And we take you by the hand with personal coaching, you're not alone.


Martijn provides personal coaching from start till marathon finish. For me it was the first time ever - I did 3 half marathons before - and I am very positive about the program.


I didn't know a lot about the method and to be honest I was quite sceptical in the beginning. I come form a sports background where pushing and extending one's limits is the norm. Listening to your body and recovery came often second.   


At the start of the training program my patience was tested in several occasions. However after a couple of weeks I started to understand how the method works. The marathon preparation is primarily balancing rest (sleep! oh I felt so much better rested!) and effort while being very conscious of what you are doing and why. I have experienced this as a very pleasant way to train.

And last but not least, I completed the marathon well below 4 hours (3:52:16) relatively easy, after training 8 weeks. The maximum training distance was 14km.

I warmly recommend Martijn and njoyergy to people who want to ran a marathon!



—  Meike Sloet van Oldruitenborgh


1. Set Goals

2. Determine WHY

3. Capture

4. Share

5. Celebrate



Breathing is free

Good breathing is priceless






Simple, Honest

Tasty, Balanced 



Do what you love

Personal intensity 

Less hours, improved results

One Personal Plan for Optimised Health Results


Do you want to improve your health, have more energy, lose weight, prepare for a special event or a combination of these? 

We have various plans for different goals.


We have a personal plan that helps you achieve your goals in a simple, fun and efficient way. Start with small steps to get you going, enjoy the results. This way it is easy to continue. You get more done, with less effort. Anyone can fit it in. 


And we make sure you enjoy the journey so the results last.


Breathe properly for more energy
Sports - Max Results with Less Effort 


Do you want to:

  • Run a (half) marathon, get that Ironman off your bucket list, cycle the Marmotte or participate in Alpe DuZes or a mud race?

  • Break through the glass ceiling of your current performance?

  • Pick up exercise to feel more fit and energised?

Our Sports programs take a personalised approach to get you there.

It significantly increases the efficiency & effectiveness of your training.


Based on our proven method we take your goals and personal test results to come up with most effective and efficient training program.


Be amazed by the quick and sustainable results whilst enjoying your social life. You are capable of so much more than you think.

Thousands of people have proven it works. Are you ready?

Better together, we got you're back
Better Together

The first step to achieve your goals is your personal plan. But, experience shows that it works better together. That is why you also get personal coaching. Ask as many questions as you want, get support and that little push when you need it.

Together we get you the best results in a sustainable way.

Why wait? Start today and before you know you feel like you're on top of the world!


Martijn Rodijk Founder njoyergy

"I have founded njoyergy to use my experience, knowledge & passion to increase the happiness of people by helping them achieve their health and sports goals. The beauty is that small tweaks lead to mayor improvements. Everyone can do it. Let's start today!

Personalised approach
Join the njoyergy Community
Next to the personal coaching, we also have a lively community of people  all working towards their goals. It is easier to succeed in an environment with likeminded people that are there to help, share, support & challenge you. Together we are much stronger. 

It is fun!
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