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We like things simple. At the same time we take it personal.  All our programs start with your goals and our tests to get you the optimal result.


How to select the best option for you? Just go through the 3 simple steps below

  1. Determine  your main objective. Do you (mainly) want to improve your health check out the Vitaly Programs. Are you into sports? Have a look at the Sports Programs.

  2. Within your category chose the product that best fits your needs, goals and or dreams.

  3. Decide on your program, payment option and when you want to start.


That's all. Now let's get started!


Feel Good

Improve your vitality

Program to prevent to improve your overall health: Feel more relaxed, energised, fit & focussed and loose some weight. 


Burn-out Relief

Prevent or solve Burn-out

Program to prevent an upcoming burn-out or get you quickly back on your feed. Small, simple steps to sustainably relieve you and let you enjoy your energy & life. 


Weight Loss

Loose Weight without a strict diet

Loose the additional kilos you gained over time without a strict diet or gym regime. Just simple, easy to implement steps will get you a sustainable result. It is fun and as a bonus you'll have more energy. 



Yes you can!

Train 3 hours per week and cross that finish line. For beginners and advanced runners, from 10km until full marathon and everything in between. For recreational runners and people that want to run faster. Choose your event and get started. Go for it!

IMG_3166 copy.JPG


Anything is Possible!

Train 8 hours  a week and do it all: swimming, cycling, running. Sprint, Olympic Distance, Half & Full Distance. Beginners and advanced athletes alike. Train smart, recover well, have fun and proudly cross that finish line.



Keep Rolling

Train on your personal optimal heart rates and be surprised how much progress you make in such little time. Whether you want to dominate the Alpes or increase your speed and stamina on flat surface, njoyerCycling keeps you rolling.



Anything is possible

Couldn't find what you were looking for? No worries, we make bespoke programs based on the same methodology. Whether you want to climb the Mount Everest, do a Mudrace, participate in extreme trail running, or conquer Diabetes Type 2? Just contact us and we'll see how we can help.




Personal Training

Personal Training made Personal. For those who want to further speed up progress, can use some additional training motivation, someone to coach on technique, or ensure you go the extra mile and beyond. This can be an extension on your program or a starting point without taking the tests. We'll go hard but always with a smile. 



Health is a precious gift

Do you know someone who needs a little help to improve their vitality or sports performance? Do you want to enable family or a friend to finally get that marathon of their bucket list? Now you can positively change their lifes with the njoyerGift Card. There's a nice bonus for those who took an njoyergy program themselves.

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