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Life is like riding a bicycle, if you don't move you fall

Vitality of employees plays an important role in their performance. If people feel energetic and happy with their live they are more likely to achieve their goals at work as well. 

Sports can play an important role in improving health but also in team building. Working towards a common goal is fun and rewarding especially if everyone makes progress on their own level.

At njoyergy we take a very hands on approach as we believe in getting started as soon as possible. Significant improvements in vitality and sports progress can be achieved within weeks, so why wait. 

Measurable KPI's & Masterclasses
Have fun while you're at it
Working on health is fun and improves business performance

As our method is based on measurements we are able to periodically determine and report on a number of health and sports performance markers.

We have various Masterclasses we provide at the location of your choice:

- Breathing

- Energy

- Burnout prevention

- Fat Burning

- Running

- Nutrition

- Bespoke

We have provided Masterclasses at Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC), Puma, De Atletiekunie, KLM, Heineken, Utrecht University, ASR, Service Now, Rapha, Vondelgym, Zuidas Vitaal, Excellent & Basenet to name a few.

But we can also customise a program to your requirements. Apart from Masterclasses we offer a full set of programs which all start with a set of tests to analyse the current state of people. 


Interested? Just contact us for an appointment. We're happy to come by to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

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