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Personal support improves motivation and results

My name is Martijn Rodijk. I'm passionate about sports and health. After my career as Director Product Development at Liberty Global I founded njoyergy. To help people in a fun and simple way to improve their health and sports performance.

The trigger for me to look into vitality and sports was the birth of my twins. As a father you want the best for your kids and I was shocked when I read the labels of the standard baby food. For me that was the start of an interesting and continuing journey to learn about how our mind, breath, exercise and food habits influence our wellbeing.

I encountered a new method - Energy Control - that increases the effectiveness and therefore efficiency of training sessions. That means you get better results with less training, but it also improves your vitality. That provided me with the power to help many to improve the quality of their life. The beauty is that mayor improvements in vitality and energy levels can be obtained by small tweaks everyone can fit into their daily schedule.

But at least as important I brought it into practice to determine what works and what doesn't, not just by myself but also helping out others. I have filtered out what doesn't work so you don't have to go through that process.

If you would have told me 3 years ago I would complete an Ironman I would have laughed at you. Until the Amsterdam marathon in 2016 I never ran further than 13km. I trained 6 weeks based on the EnergyControl schedule and completed the Amsterdam Marathon in 3h31min without any issues.


Half a year later I completed a half distance triathlon in Geraardsbergen also with 6 weeks of training. And this summer a dream came through when I completed a full Ironman in Zürich with 8-10 hours of training per week for a period of 3 months.

Now it's time to share with a bigger audience and spread the joy! 


Customer Reviews

But don't take my word for it, look at what customers are saying about their experience:

Meike Sloet

Martijn provides personal coaching from start till marathon finish. For me it was the first time ever - I did 3 half marathons before - and I am very positive about the program.


I didn't know a lot about the method and to be honest I was quite sceptical in the beginning. I come form a sports background where pushing and extending one's limits is the norm. Listening to your body and recovery came often second.   


At the start of the training program my patience was tested in several occasions. However after a couple of weeks I started to understand how the method works. The marathon preparation is primarily balancing rest (sleep! oh I felt so much better rested!) and effort while being very conscious of what you are doing and why. I have experienced this as a very pleasant way to train.

And last but not least, I completed the marathon well below 4 hours (3:52:16) relatively easy, after training 8 weeks. The maximum training distance was 14km.

I warmly recommend Martijn and njoyergy to people who want to ran a marathon!

Matthijs de Rooij

Never thought I would runn a marathon in my life, but after the test with Martijn and the theory about his training method I became more and more enthusiastic. I thoroughly enjoyed all the training runs without injuries, lost weight, started to feel better and to top it off I finished the marathon of Amsterdam.
It wont be my last, thanks Martijn!

Robert Schouten

Four years ago, after I got injured in preparation for my first marathon, I thought my knees were not able to support a full marathon.

That was until I started training with Martijn's schedule. The schedule consists of relatively short, high intensity training runs  


In 14 weeks from CrossFitter to Runner, finishing the marathon in 3:25:00. It works!

Martin Blankendaal

I ran a marathon once based on long training runs without knowing much about training schedules and heart rate training. 

When a friend told me he was training with Martijn I got enthusiastic as well and signed up. I really enjoyed training on heart rate before breakfast, I have lost weight (have not been on this weight for the last 20 years) and feel good.


Though I went on a one month holiday with my bicycle during the training program,  I crossed the finish line without any issues. I am already planning my next marathon! 




We share the same values: helping people to improve their health and fitness through sports & nutrition in a fun way. In May 2018 we started a joint project to support Vondelgym members to run a marathon or do a triathlon  Due to the big success - 52 starts, 52 finishes, 29 debuts, 21 PR's! and very enthusiastic runners- we decided to continue the partnership. We are currently working with a big group of runners in preparation of the autumn marathons in Amsterdam, Athens, Eindhoven, Florence, Munster & New York. 

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