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Less is More

Cover of the magazine covering Less is More article
Women's Health NL April 2019

Less is more is the title of a great article in the Dutch edition of Women’s Health this month. It explains that there is a new, smarter way to train for a marathon or triathlon.

Energy Control is the name of this new, exiting method. Train a maximum of 14 km and gloriously finish your marathon. It’s has a proven track record: thousands of people have successfully run a marathon or finished a triathlon with Energy Control. The article features Stans van der Poel who invented and developed the method and myself.

Less is more: you train less kilometers for a better result. Sometimes looking at things from a different perspective gets you to smarter, better solutions.

The traditional way to train is based on volume, making so much kilometers that your body gets used to long distances. The issue is that many people don’t even start training, because they don’t know where to find the time to get all those hours in their busy schedule. Training long hours is difficult to plan in family-life. Not only the hours you are away running 30km, but many spend the rest of the day on the couch recuperating from the effort.

The other issue is that long-distance training is too much for many people. They develop injuries because there is not enough time in the schedule for their bodies to recover.

With Energy Control, the focus is on the most effective way to develop your muscles and endurance capacity to the level required to run a marathon. It is based on personal heart rate zones. Training in endurance zone D2 has proven to be most efficient: you get the best results with less training hours. For most people 3,5 hours training per week is sufficient. Think about what you can do with the remaining hours of precious free time.

D2 is also the zone in which you run most of your marathon so during your training you are preparing your body optimally to perform for the event. It ‘knows’ what to expect.

Last but not least, the method optimizes the labor-rest ratio. This ensures you get more progress from your training and ensures a fully loaded battery at the start of the marathon. That’s a win-win-win.

If you want to get that marathon off your bucket list, this is the moment to do so. Read the article or send me a pm so I can explain you all the ins and outs. Enjoy!

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